Jan akkerman - 50

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1. Eli
2. Guardian Angel
3. Tranquillizer
4. Can't Fake A Good Time
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1. There He Still Goes
2. Strindberg
3. Wings Of Strings
4. Naked Actress
5. Fairytale

This study is directed towards an integration of intellectual ability, learning style, personality and achievement motivation as predictors of academic success in higher education. Correlational analyses partly confirmed and partly disconfirmed our expectations in a sample of 409 first-year psychology students. Consistent with the literature, intellectual ability and achievement motivation were associated positively with academic success. For the meaning directed, reproduction directed and application directed learning style, no positive association with academic success could be detected. The undirected learning style, however, appeared to be a consistent negative predictor. For the Big Five personality factors (extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness to experience), a consistent, positive association for conscientiousness with academic success was found. The very first examination at the university came out as the most important predictor for academic success, even after two and three years of study. The implications of the results are discussed in relation to the literature and the policy of the Dutch Ministry of Education.

Jan Akkerman - 50Jan Akkerman - 50Jan Akkerman - 50Jan Akkerman - 50