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The Model "A" = touch control, finger comfort keys, automatic paper lock, tabulator, paper guide, complete enclosure as dust protection, types a 9 inch line, comes in 9 or 10 or 12 pitch, all brightwork is chrome plated, and could be bought in black, maroon, or green (glossy paint). Case has chrome-plated dual locks and a weatherproof band around the joint. The "A" sold for $60.
The model "O" is similar but different in important ways = nickel plated bright work, no automatic paper lock, no tabulator, no paper guide, and only sold in shiny black enamel. The case has only one instead of two locks, and the one is nickel plated, not chrome plated. It sold for $.
In addition, The Royal Junior also was offered in 1935. The Junior is basically a reskinned Model P. It was only sold in black enamel and only came with an intermediate Pica type. It sold for a classic Depression price of $.
None of these 1935 portables had a brightwork plated band around the typebar cover, something that adds to the confusion over the differences between the 1935 A and the O.
- Peter Weil, re: 1935 Royal Dealer Catalog

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