Rawhide - built to blow

I hot-glued a bunch of pencil leads onto various objects: a super ball, the guts of a baseball, a tennis ball, some rawhide, and to other pencil leads. This is one of the factors that will determine what the finished drawing will look like.

A mecate is a single line of rope, made of horsehair or other material that is approximately 22 feet long. It’s tied above the heel knot and creates a loop that forms the reins and a length of line that’s used as a lead. The mecate can be used to adjust the fit of the bosal, making it tighter or looser against the horse’s face. However, a bosal that is too small can’t be altered, and it shouldn’t be used. It will be uncomfortable for the horse and won’t release properly. Instead, the bosal should fit like an old comfortable hat. It shouldn’t flop loosely nor create pressure against the horse’s face if the reins are slack. 

Rawhide - Built To BlowRawhide - Built To BlowRawhide - Built To BlowRawhide - Built To Blow